Top 5 Organic Baby Clothing Brands You Need to Know

It\’s natural for a new parent to want to wrap their baby in soft, cozy, kind garments on their fragile, delicate skin. Organic baby clothes are gentler on your baby\’s skin since they are devoid of harsh chemicals, poisonous colors, and other irritants. We\’ll look at some of the top organic baby clothing manufacturers.

We will also look at why going for organic baby clothes is important and how to choose from sustainable and organic baby clothing brands. If you\’re an expectant mother, a baby\’s dad, or just looking to gift a baby, I\’ve got you covered with some of the best sustainable and organic baby clothes brands to look out for. 

Why should you go for organic baby clothes for your little one?

There are reasons why choosing organic baby clothes can benefit your baby. Organic baby clothing is made without harsh chemicals, which is healthier for your baby\’s soft skin. Infants have a greater skin surface area to body volume ratio resulting in their skin and body absorbing chemicals easily. Additionally, a baby\’s skin is 30% thinner than an adult\’s. Organic baby clothes are also very comfortable and of better quality.

Organic baby clothing is of high quality compared to conventional baby clothing. That\’s because of the chemicals used to farm conventional cotton during the growing and manufacturing process. These make organic baby clothes more comfortable for your baby to wear.

Besides being better for your baby, choosing organic baby clothing can also be better for the environment. When you buy organic baby clothes, you protect our planet\’s air, water, and soil from the harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional cotton farming.

Things to look for while buying sustainable and organic baby clothes:

When you\’re shopping for sustainable and organic baby clothes, it can be overwhelming. There are many options in the market, and it takes a lot of work to know what to look for. But I\’ve got you covered! Here are some tips for choosing the ideal plug for organic baby clothes.

  • Fabric: Babies, especially newborns, have very sensitive skin. So, as a parent, you must carefully consider the baby\’s first outfit. When buying baby clothes, the material should be soft and skin-friendly.
  • Production methods: look for brands that use environmentally friendly production methods; you should check if they use low-impact dyes, water-efficient processes, and renewable energy sources.
  • Transparency: Choose available brands based on their supply chain and production methods. These will help you make an informed decision about the environmental and social impact of the clothing you\’re buying.
  • Durability: Look for well-made and durable clothing, so you won\’t have to look for an alternative that often. These can help reduce the overall environmental impact of your baby\’s wardrobe.

When shopping for sustainable and organic baby clothes, you should remember these tips; you can make good choices that are better for your baby. And remember, every little bit helps!

Here are the Top 5 Organic Baby Clothing Brands in 2023

1. Burt\’s Bees Baby Clothes

Best For | Organic clothing sets & pajamas

Sizes Available | 0-24M

Price Range | $9-$33

Burt\’s Bees isn\’t just known for its organic lip balm and natural face wash; the company also sells baby clothing such as bodysuits, bottoms, dresses, rompers, tops, socks, jackets, and sweatshirts. They are also a great option for affordable organic baby clothes and unquestionably one of the best sustainable organic baby brands. Burt\’s Bees is also GOTS certified, indicating that it adheres to the highest global standards for organic textiles. 

Customer reviews indicate that Burt\’s Bees baby clothes are soft, comfortable, and adorable. The brand may run a little large, but this can be a benefit because it allows for more use as the baby grows. The brand has received numerous awards for its pajamas, including Treehugger\’s 2022 Best Overall Organic Clothes for Babies. Burt\’s Bees Baby packaging comprises 100% recycled materials and soy-based inks. As a parent, you can rest easy knowing Burt\’s clothing is safe and comfy for your newborn.

2. Pact Baby Organic Sleepwear 

Best For | Graphic & organic onesies

Sizes Available | NB-6M

Price Range | $9-$18

Pact Baby Organic Sleepwear is well-known for its organic and environmentally friendly baby clothing. The brand provides various baby sleepwear options, including footie sleeper pajamas made of breathable organic cotton. The clothes are made in a Fair Trade Certified factory in India using GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton.

According to customer reviews, Pact Baby Organic Sleepwear is soft, comfortable, and adorable. The brand has a good selection of vibrant colors, stripes, and designs 2. The brand is dedicated to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices, making it an excellent choice for parents looking for eco-friendly sleepwear for their children.

For parents looking for organic and eco-friendly baby sleepwear options, Pact Baby Organic Sleepwear is a fantastic option. The company is renowned for its high standards of comfort and quality and provides various sleepwear options at reasonable prices.

3. Hanna Andersson

Best For | Seasonal sleep- & swimwear

Sizes Available | 0-3Y

Price Range | $20-$72

Hanna Andersson is well-known for their festive pajamas (and matching family styles!). Hanna Andersson sells comfortable yet long-lasting clothing, swimwear, and pajamas for babies, toddlers, older children, and adults. These garments are breathable, relaxed, and incredibly comfortable thanks to 100% certified organic and OEKO-TEX-certified cotton. We love the bright patterns and prints—you\’ll want to cuddle with your kids all night in this super-soft sleepwear! Hanna Anderson ships worldwide.

4. Monica and Andy

Best For | Bundles & delivery-ready boxes

Sizes Available | 0–24M

Price Range | $14–$60

Monica + Andy is a GOTS-certified company and a one-stop shop for baby, mom, and nursery items! One of my favorite aspects is that Monica + Andy comprises 95% women and 80% mothers. The clothing, mostly made of organic cotton, is wash-tested to ensure that it will not deteriorate even after many loads of laundry. 

Monica and Andy\’s outfits are as soft as a cloud, and the pattern options are exquisite. You can shop by print if you have twins/triplets and want to dress them similarly. The company also sells the Cuddle Box, a must-have for any new baby. The set is available in various colors, can be embroidered, and includes 17 items ranging from bodysuits to blankets to burp cloths. Though it\’s a little pricey, it\’s a simple one-click purchase, and most things on the site start at $20, so you\’re saving money in the long run.

5. Goumi

Best For | Preemie Apparel and Knitwear

Sizes Available | 0–24M

Price Range | $18–$58

Guomi offers a variety of baby clothing options, including preemie clothes and knitwear. Natural materials make clothes free of chemicals, metals, dyes, pesticides, and other toxins.

Goumi is sustainable due to its high quality and membership in the Kidizen Rewear program, encouraging them to use their products preloved for longer periods. The brand focuses on comfort, sustainability, and functionality.

Goumi is a good option for parents looking for organic and sustainable baby clothing. The brand is known for its quality and comfort and offers a variety of clothing options at an affordable price point.

Final Thoughts 

This list of the top 5 organic baby clothes brands in 2023 helps you find a new brand or two to try for the child in your life! The clothing business has come a long way, and there is an expanding supply of high-quality, luxurious, and inexpensive organic baby apparel. There is so much to love about these brands, and I hope you find what you\’re looking for. If you are still looking for what you\’re looking for, you can always reach me for help through the contact us page, ill reply within minutes.

Prices were accurate when this post was published but may change over time. Save this page to come back to as you look for baby products and clothes, and consider adding some of these brands or specific items to your baby registry! 

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